Do you need to improve your staff's English or do you want to improve the English of your students at your insititute/college?

We can help by running personalised courses exclusively for your employees/students at your premises. They also have an option to study in groups at the British College.


Personalised courses are designed to meet the exact need as per your requirement. The requirement may vary from Business Communication skills to specialist speaking for retail/ HR/ Marketing or just to improve your English to help you socialise more confidently at your work place. Students may need it for the preparation of interviews, for presentations or to write their exams more confidently.

Whatever your needs, all aspects of the course are discussed and agreed with you before we start. This includes:
-Syllabus, materials and methods of delivery.
-Length of course.
-Days and times of the course.
-Assessment and reporting systems.

The courses are designed by our specialised staff who specialises in designing personalised courses for our clients. The process for designing the courses is as follows:

1.Initial meeting between you and our specialised staff to discuss your company’s/college’s training needs.
2.The employees/students who are going to attend the course are level-tested and interviewed. The interview is both a chance to assess their level of spoken English and to discuss their training needs with them directly.
3.A course proposal is drawn-up. In this proposal we consider the company’s training needs, the course participants’ training needs and the professional assessment of the course design team.
4.The course proposal is discussed and amended so that all parties are satisfied with and clear about all aspects of the course.
5.The course is delivered. All aspects of the course are reviewed regularly between the trainer, the participants, the company/college and specialised staff  to ensure full client satisfaction.

You may write at to discuss the costs of the courses.

We have a list of English regular courses which we take at our own premises. Please contact the college for more details.

More Information

For more details and advice about how we can help you design a course for your organisation, please do not hesitate to contact us: