ABE Level 4 Diploma in Travel, Tourism and Hospitality Management

General Info

Course Class ABE Level 4 Diploma in Travel, Tourism and Hospitality Management
Duration 6 Months
Start January & July
Mode of Delivery Full Time
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Fee (USD) Distance Learning NA
Qualification Diploma
Awarding Body ABE UK

Course Details

Compulsory Unit

  Introduction to Business

Understand the objectives of a business, what resources they need and to whom they are accountable, the structure and classification of business, how the external environment creates opportunities and threats for a business, the factors that influence the scale of production, the location of production and the choice between different types of production process, the marketing process including marketing strategy, marketing planning and market research, the main accounting concepts and sources of finance for business, the need for human resource planning, and the importance of motivation in theory and in practice.

  Introduction to Business Communication

Understand and know how to apply the principles which govern the transmission of information in business situations, compose all common types of written communication in a clear, complete and correct way, the principles of communicating orally in an effective way, the importance of non-verbal signals in communication, how common barriers to successful communication arise, and how they can be overcome, the content of a passage of simple business information and know how to summarise it effectively, the role of computers and other modern communication,  technologies in business communication, common business and communications terms.


   Introduction to Marketing

Understand the relationship between marketing and business, the Marketing Mix,the main elements of Marketing Communications, how to communicate personally in a sales and marketing context.

Introduction to Travel, Tourism and Hospitality

Understand the structure of the international travel, tourism and hospitality industry, the patterns of demand for international tourism, the positive and negative impacts of tourism development, the basic requirements for the development of a tourism, the tourism distribution system and the role of intermediaries, the key types of tourist groups and how their needs are met, government interest and involvement in tourism.


Aims of the programme

The ABE Level 4 Diploma is a professional course equivalent to a first year of a higher education programme of study. The course is designed to provide students with the foundation on which to base a career in business or to prepare them for more advanced study. lt provides an introduction to business in practice and skills for those wishing to progress on to a business degree or through the ABE Higher Diploma route. The course covers elements of communication, accounting and information systems within a business context.

Assesment Methods

The knowledge, skills and understanding which will be assessed as part of the qualification:

How to:

Use practical, theoretical or technical understanding to address problems that are well defined but complex and non-routine.

Analyze, interpret and evaluate relevant information and ideas.

Be aware of the nature and approximate scope of the area of study.

Have an informed awareness of different perspectives or approaches within the area of study or work.

The method of assessment and associated requirements relating to it

The three-hour written external examination are held twice a year (usually the first week in

June and December).


·         You must be competent in English.

·         You must have attained any secondary school qualification e.g. GCSE, IB, O Levels, Secondary School board (of your country) etc in Mathematics and English.


Generally after completing Level 4 Diploma you would have choices where you can go on to do ABE’s Level 5 Diploma, you can enter the first year of many degree programmes in recognized universities around the world, or you can get a good job thanks to your recognized qualification. Level 4 Diploma holders have the skills and knowledge needed for administrative roles.

Teaching Methods

Class room lecture sessions - Hours per week: 15+ hours

Assignments: Each module 6 hours

Background Reading: 2 hour average per week


Level 4 Diploma in Travel, Tourism and Hospitality Management- Hotel or Travel Agency Supervisor