1. All the complaints should be raised with the person concerned as soon as possible.

2. No complaint will be considered, if students file the complaint after ten working days of the incident.

3. All the complaints must be directed to the Head of the Institution unless staff member cannot be approached easily to resolve the matter.

4. If the concern for dissatisfaction can be resolved by meeting the staff responsible, then it is advisable to discuss the problem with the member of staff responsible.

5. If a complaint is about a member of staff it should be referred to the Head of the Institution.

6. At the informal stage complaints made in person, by phone or by email must be kept informed with a written or verbal response to the complaint provided within 10 working days.

7. If a complainant remains dissatisfied even after the informal discussion, they should submit their complaint in writing using the complaint form available at the Reception.

8. The Head of the Institution will investigate and decide to:

  • Dismiss the complaint as unfounded, giving reasons.
  • Propose a proper explanation.
  • Uphold the complaint, offer an apology.
  • Take appropriate steps to address the issue and to avoid a similar problem arising in future.