BCES is committed to ensuring that any complaints received are addressed in an open, transparent manner to the satisfaction of all parties involved. The College welcomes the opportunity to investigate and deal with any deficiencies in its services.  The College wants to know if you are unhappy about any aspect of your educational experience at BCES and has procedures for you to use to raise issues when necessary.  It is the policy of the College to resolve as quickly and fairly as possible any grievance a student may have, as an individual, about treatment by any staff member of the College.
The Complaints Policy aims to assist all students and parents who have experienced dissatisfaction with services provided by the college. Any expression of dissatisfaction will be treated as a complaint and dealt with accordingly. Complaints about your educational experience at the College including relationships with the administration or any services such as accommodation, catering, Library Services, IT Services, etc.

The dissatisfaction can be against:

  • A staff member of the college
  • The application of college rules, policies, procedures, and regulations
  • Complaints about discrimination by the College on the grounds of gender, race, faith, disability or sexual orientation