Cost(s) arising from undertaking a course
Enrolment on a course creates a binding agreement to follow the course, make progress and pay all fees due .No adjustment of tuition fee is possible after commencing on a course.
The student is responsible for proactively understanding and providing for the costs involved.
Tuition Fee paid by the students include the following

  • Surcharge fee (where applicable)
  • Fees for registration with awarding body/university
  • Examination fees
  • Study material

 However Tuition Fee doesn’t include

  • Living expenses (Approx  Rs. 10000 per Month)
  • Accommodation (Approx  Rs. 5000-10000 per month)

Payment of Tuition Fee
Full fee is payable in advance.  We have the provision for payment of tuition fee in 2-3 installments
For this option to be available, the course duration has to be 6 Months or longer. To know more about the installment plans, please contact 
An Installment Agreement has to be signed before commencement.

Sanctions for breach of tuition fee regulations set out above
The College may suspend students if their fees are in arrears. Students in default are liable for the entire outstanding tuition fee, plus surcharge and fees for registration with the awarding body or the university.

Penalties arising from late payments
These relate to payments not received by the College at close of business on the due date.
Each instance of attempted payments through banks made that are rejected by the bank(s) concerned attract a charge of Rs. 1000.