Study a Semester(s) Abroad


Students pursuing professional ABE qualifications have options to spend a semester or semesters abroad. Students have a choice to choose from more than 100 countries abroad.


Students studying Level 4(six months) at Brtish College may choose to study level 5 (6 to 12months) from colleges abroad and then may continue studying with British college for Level 6 (six months). The same way level 5 students may go abroad to finish level 6.


By spending a semester abroad, you'll be able to meet local students, explore your host city or town, and really get a feel for the place and the people.


Work while you study a semester abroad

Students who enrol in a semester abroad program of six months or longer are able to work part-time during the academic year (and full-time during breaks) on their student visa, so you can earn some extra money to help offset costs.


Travel around the world

Take advantage of your semester abroad breaks to travel around countries abroad.


Immerse yourself in the foreign culture

Time flies when you study abroad! By spending a semester abroad, you'll have more time to meet people, make new friends and understand new cultures.


How to enrol

Enrol directly in semester abroad programs.


If you wish to enrol directly in an affiliated college/university semester abroad program, first check with your study abroad office to find the 'approved' semester abroad programs in your chosen country.  Studying on an approved semester abroad program will help ensure that your financial aid and credits will transfer. If your study abroad office allows you to spend a semester abroad at your chosen college/university, you may then ask for the other formalities involved. Each one will provide instructions on how to apply and eligibility requirements.


We at British College can offer a range of services such as housing, pre-departure sessions, in-country support and excursions. Check out the study abroad office for the details.