1.   At enrolment, you must present a valid passport with a valid visa to cover the whole course you intend to study and any other documentation required by the College.


2.    You must enrol on the start date of your course, or latest by the latest arrival date, unless special exemption, in    writing has been given.


3.   Be aware of, understand and comply with the conditions of your visa. Generally the conditions of your “student” visa are:

  • You must be studying full-time.
  • Comply with the attendance requirements that the College has in place and attend all timetabled classes, meetings with tutors and any other arranged sessions, unless you have good reason to be absent. 
  • You must always ensure that you apply to extend your visa before atleast one month before your visa ends.
  • Please seek advice from the College if you do not understand the conditions attached to your visa.
  • You must not work    
  • You must inform the College of any change of circumstances by submitting the Change of Circumstances Form, this includes -

a)   Contact details in India

b)   Address in home country 

c)   Mobile telephone number

d)   Email address

e)   Passport details

g)   Personal details


4.    Register promptly with Foreigners Regional Registration Office (FRRO) on your arrival in India and further to update your change of address, get a new passport or visa, change course or change place of study etc/

Address of FRRO:-

Foreigner's Registration Office (F&R Branch) East Block-VIII, Level-II, Sector-1, R.K. Puram, New Delhi-110066.

Telephone No.: 011-26711443


5.    Students must inform the FRRO of any changes to the following for either himself/herself or his/her dependants:

a)      personal details

b)      criminal convictions

c)      contact details

e)     dependants’ details