Before you start packing, understand the weather conditions of the city you are going to be stationed at. Some of the cities like Mumbai have a moderate temperature round the year, while others like Delhi have about 4-8 degree Centigrade in winters and 36-40 degree Centigrade in summers.

Though everything that you might need is available in India, try to get all that you would require during the initial few days. This would not only save you the trouble of going to the market, but would also be easy on your finances.

Please ensure that you obtain visa from Indian Embassy of your country. Please also ensure that you meet Medical fitness standard before you leave your country. Entry of HIV + ve persons or persons of notified diseases is restricted.

Carry all your money in form of Travelers Cheques. These can be redeemed at the airport, all five star hotels, and a number of foreign exchange offices and banks.

Don’t forget to carry the originals, copies of your certificates/degrees and two passport size photographs. You will require them at the time of final admission. Also ensure that letter of admission issued by Institute.

Carry a couple of passport size photographs, which might be required at the institute for Identity card, library card etc.

Keep all the valuables, important documents (Passport, Visa papers) in the Cabin baggage, to avoid the possibility of their getting misplaced during transit.

Keep all the contact phone numbers handy, specially the phone number of your institute & the place you are going to stay.

Know the exact address of the Institute where you are going to study and stay and get the printout of maps, directions to reach those places from airport. You can also get them from the Internet. Ensure that you have taken all the required vaccinations, to avoid medical complications while you are in India.