Add Fun to Your Course


While studying full time at British College we always recommend students activities outside the classroom as it is an important component to your learning.


Excursions are a very good way for you to both socialise with your fellow-students and to practise your skills outside the classroom setting. Teachers spend a lot of time planning excursions so that the trip is not simply a day out of the classroom. Instead, teachers want to ensure that you are likely to have an educational experience that you could never have in the classroom.


An excursion or field trip if it is a day tour or an overnight trip helps you to ‘interact’ with what you're learning. This learning experience goes beyond simply reading about it or listening to someone talk about it in class; if you are able to see it or participate in it physically and to use the relevant your skills in that setting, then you get an experience and an Indian cultural experience that you may not have experienced before.


Excursions also provide entertainment for you, our students. They can be a strong motivator and can build excitement for you as the excursion comes closer. A break from the classroom routine provides you with an opportunity to bring your skills ‘to life’ in a fun and relaxed way. Excursions should be fun, but you will also learn and practise your skills, whether you plan to or not!


Your teachers will ensure that excursions are an extension of what you have recently learned in the classroom. Excursions show how your learning can be applied to your everyday life here in India and also give you an opportunity to bring your experiences back into the classroom for future learning.


When you leave the classroom on an excursion, you are in a different social environment. You may be with the same people, your fellow-students and teachers, but the environment is different, different people, places and faces. Interaction with others and with new experiences is a critical component while learning. Excursions give you new learning opportunities, but you also have the security of your classmates and teachers around you.


How much do excursions cost? We know that international students usually do not have much spare money and often need to work to support themselves while studying in India. There are many excursions that can be organised in the Delhi at no cost to you. Some excursions may involve using public transport such as train or bus, but these costs are quite cheap, for example, a day ticket tour within Delhi is currently Rs. 300. Some excursion locations will have entry fees, however, we will always try to get a discounted group or student rate to minimise the cost to you.


Here are some examples of excursions that your teacher may arrange for you


So if you are a full time student of British College please book your trip now!!



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