Now you can get your ISIC card from British College either by courier or by visiting in person.


  • If you are visiting in person, please ask for the same at the reception or at the counsellor desk. Do make sure that you have the required documents as mentioned below while you come for your card.


You'II need :


Filled application form. Please download the same from here. click here.
1. One passport sized photo.
2. Proof of identity: Drivers licence/passport / Voter ID card etc.
3. Date of Birth Proof : 10th Mark-sheet / Birth Certificate/Voter ID etc.
4. Proof of full - time student status: Present ID issued by your school or official letter or documentation from your place of study confirming you're a paid up full-time student.                   5. Card fee of Rs. 562/-


  • If you are ordering through internet, please send all the documents(as mentioned above) by courier at the college address. The card fee should be paid by demand draft of Rs. 662/- in the name of " BCES Admissions Abroad Pvt. Ltd.".  The amount of Rs. 662/- is inclusive of Rs.100/- being charged for the courier.