ISIC, the student lifestyle card

The International Student Identity Card (ISIC) is your passport to fantastic discounts and services at home and around the world.

The ISIC card is the only internationally-recognised student ID and ISIC card holders are members of a truly global club. Every year more than 4.5 million students from 120 countries use their student card to take advantage of offers on travel, shopping, museums and more, worldwide.

What can the ISIC student card do for me?

You'll use your ISIC card to save money as you travel the world on a well deserved break from college. And it's just as useful back home. There are tens of thousands of student discounts on offer, so check what's available at your local restaurants, cinemas and shops. The ISIC card is a real student lifestyle card. Keep it in your pocket wherever you go - it'll come in handy time and time again.

Who can get an ISIC card?

Any full-time student aged 12 years and over, at high school, college or university is eligible for an ISIC card. As long as you're a student, it doesn't matter whether you're 12 or 112.

Generally, full-time student status usually means a minimum of 15 hours of study a week, for a minimum of 12 weeks per year. However, this can vary from country to country.


Where can I get my ISIC card?

There are offices all around the world which will issue your ISIC student card straight away. All you have to do is bring proof that you're a student, and don't forget a passport-sized photo. British College is the authorised resale point of ISIC cards. To know more about how to get your ISIC card please click here.


 Why does the new ISIC student card look different?

The International Student Identity Card has been redesigned to make it even more fresh and distinctive, reflecting the fact that it is a student lifestyle card as well as student ID.