The mission of British College for Excellence in Studies is to provide an exceptional education. In pursuit of this mission, the College is devoted to academic excellence, distinguished by the creative interplay of teaching, learning, dedicated to our diverse community and extensive international engagements.

The College’s aspiration is to prepare students to lead lives of learning that are broadly rewarding, professionally satisfying, and of service to humanity. By discovering and sharing exemplary models of undergraduate education, the College seeks to be a leader among those colleges  and professional organizations that share our dedication to this vision.

BCES provides professional, career oriented higher education to students from diverse backgrounds. We proudly offer access and opportunity to motivated students who desire to enrich their lives in a personalized and supportive environment. We provide caring and effective teaching and sustain faculty who are passionate, knowledgeable, and dedicated to student success. We build on these strengths to prepare graduates for successful careers.

A Commitment to Students . . .

We provide unmatched personal service to our students, who are our first priority. We are committed to student success and provide a challenging academic environment with appropriate support so all students can achieve their fullest potential.

A Respectful, Caring Environment . . .

We create a uniquely supportive atmosphere that stresses respect and collegiality among students, faculty, and staff.

A Commitment to Accomplishment . . .

We strive to continuously improve institutional effectiveness and student achievement through rigorous self-assessment and the implementation of innovative ideas.