You pay Indian student fees if you:

1)     Are a resident of India.

To know about the fees for the different subjects please send a mail to adintl@britishcollege.in.


Paying your fees

If you would like to accept your offer then please contact us or your agent to confirm and pay the tuition fees / deposit stated on the offer letter.


How to pay?

You can pay by cash in person (Cashier opening hours: Monday to Friday 9 till 5), by Demand draft, cheque or bank transfer. Please make Demand drafts/cheques payable to “BCES Admissions Abroad Pvt. Ltd.”and send by post to the Admissions Office.

Bank transfer information

Name of Bank: CITIBANK  

Bank Address:   Ground Floor, DLF Square, M Block, Jacaranda Marg, DLF City, Phase II, Gurgaon - 122 002, 

Account Name:  BCES Admissions Abroad Pvt. Ltd. 

Account number: 0003411249

Swift code: CITIINBX

Living Expenses

Delhi may have a reputation for being expensive as compared to other Indian cities, and indeed it is for tourists, but if you are a student and enrolled with a college that will help you, you can actually live in Delhi surprisingly cheaply.


When you receive your acceptance documentation from British College we will include a breakdown of living costs. On an average for a good standard of living student needs Rs. 1.5 lacs per year which includes your accommodation, food and travel.  About Rs.5000 – Rs 8000 per month should be adequate if you live in the accommodation we provide and you are prepared to spend modestly. The College helps you in providing hostel/guest accommodation, including breakfast and dinner for Rs. 3000 – Rs.5000 per month, a hot lunch in most of the  restaurants may cost you for Rs.100 a day, and a monthly student bus pass which will take you anywhere in Delhi, day or night, costs only Rs. 800per month.


Once you are a student with British college you get an International Student Identity Card (ISIC) which gets you lots of discounts in stores and restaurants. We also offer free HOHO Bus rides on the weekends. To know more about the same please contact the front desk.