Apply online

The quickest and most efficient method of applying for admission to programmes at BCES is to apply online. This allows you to complete the application process at your own pace, using our 'save and return' option. 

Visit our  Apply online page to send in your application now. 


Paper application forms
We would prefer all applications to be online, but if this is not possible you can complete a paper application form by downloading a PDF version of the form here. Download application form.


Supporting documents
Online applications
You must submit copy of your passport and attested copies of your qualifications online.  You can do this while applying or return to complete your application.

Paper application form
If you apply using the paper application form, please include your supporting documents with the application.  

Where to send supporting documents and the filled application form

Either by courier to: Admissions

British College For Excellence in Studies

31/3A, 2nd Floor, Ashok Nagar

Opp. Gate No. 3 of Tilak Nagar Metro Station

New Delhi - 110018




Scanned copies of your application form and supporting documents by Email :


Supporting documents to send

  • Copy of your passport page showing your full name, photo and signature.
  • Degree transcript(s) - originals or certified photocopies:
  • Certificate to show competency in the English language, if English is not your first language and you have already taken a test. If you do not have the same, you would be offered to do 3 to 12 months of English Course depending on your present level.

All documents must be in English or have a certified translation. Transcripts should be either original or a certified photocopy. If you send a photocopy it must have the original certification stamp and be certified by a notary, an organisation such as the British Council, your institution or a BCES Overseas Representative in your country. 


When to apply
In general, there are no closing dates for applications to taught programmes. However, you are advised to apply as early as you are able because many of our programmes receive more applications than there are places available.

The Admissions process

Step 1: Choose the right course from the course list as shown on the college website, for which you meet the general entry Requirements.

Step 2: Fill the application form and send the documents as mentioned above.

Step 3: Your application would be processed and accordingly a conditional offer would be generated. A conditional offer is an offer of a place subject to you meeting the conditions stated in the offer letter.

Step 4: You send and complete all the conditions as mentioned on the conditional offer letter.

Step 5: An unconditional Offer  is then issued to you.