RESULT RE-CHECK                                                       FOR INDIAN STUDENTS


What can I do if I am not happy with my results?


In case you have taken the test with City & Guilds.

You can request an Enquiry on Result (EoR) if you feel that your test results do not reflect your performance in the test.

Appeals must be made within 60 working days of the date of notification of the result.

Results of assessments made by centres

The procedure for making an appeal against decisions concerning certification where the

qualification is centre assessed is detailed below.


  1. Within seven days of completing the internal appeals procedure, the appeal should be made in writing to the appropriate City & Guilds regional office. Appeals must be made within three months of the official receipt of results.


  1. The reasons for opposing the decision should be outlined in the appeal letter. The ppeal letter should also include :


  • name and number of the centre
  • name(s), enrolment number(s) and date(s) of birth of the candidate(s)
  • qualification name and number
  1. City & Guilds will appoint an independent external verifier to review the centre’s internal appeals process review the original assessment and internal verifiers’ records check on the latest verification report