At the beginning of the examination

Question papers, stationery, materials and other equipment

The examination papers must be collected from their secure store on the day of the examination by an invigilator or other responsible person. The sealed envelopes containing the papers must not be opened until immediately before the examination. They must be opened in front of the candidates.

In examinations where computers are required or allowed and answers are to be printed out, the invigilator should check that the printouts can be identified on a candidate by

candidate basis. One copy only should be printed, unless otherwise directed by qualification specific instructions, and the files must be erased from the omputer/storage medium immediately.

On receipt check the question paper packets and examination materials carefully , but  do not open the packs Notify City & Guilds immediately if there are any problems, eg

• it appears that the parcel or one of the packets has been opened during transit and therefore there may have been a breach   of security.

• there are any differences between the material received and the despatch/delivery note

• the material has been significantly damaged in transit

• the material appears not to meet your requirements.

• All materials should be checked immediately they are received and must be put into secure storage. Check the question paper   packets against the timetable and arrange them in timetable order to reduce the possibility of opening a packet at the   wrong time.

• If question papers cannot be checked immediately they are received, they must be locked away in secure storage until   aauthorised    member of staff is available to make  the necessary checks (it is for the centre to set out the appropriate   terms of authorisation for members of staff).